Small Changes can have a Big Impact

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Ditch the Language of Doubt and Feel More Confident

Ditch the Language of Doubt and Feel More Confident

Our words can sabotage our success and undermine our confidence. Without thinking, we can say things that give the wrong impression or repeatedly teach ourselves …

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Mindset Tips for Supply Teachers

Working as a supply teacher is a great joy as you get to meet so many young people and experience so many different school cultures. …

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Make your dream come true blog

Make your dream come true

Have you made a resolution, written a list of things you want to achieve or written an objective for the year in your planner? Are …

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13 ways to boost your career success this year Banner

13 Ways to Boost Your Career Success this Year

Do you dream of a leadership role but you haven’t been spotted yet? Research has shown that women typically work really hard at their jobs …

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Relationships, relationships, relationships Banner

Relationships, relationships, relationships.

Many of us will relate to the experience of underachieving because we didn’t like the teacher. And we probably know students whose grades dipped when …

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The Three Rs for Stressed Teachers to Rejuvenate Banner

The Three Rs for Stressed Teachers to Rejuvenate

Perhaps you were one of many teachers who spent your first week of the holidays recovering from the stress of the year – sleeping late, …

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Banner Change your language to change their thinking

Change your language and change their thinking

Our language both reflects our thinking and affects our thinking. By changing our language we can change our own thinking as well as the thinking …

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Should I 'Yes' or Should I 'No' Now? Tips to Avoid the Yes Trap Banner

Should I ‘Yes’ or Should I ‘No’ Now? Tips to Avoid the Yes Trap.

Do you say Yes too much or too little? Getting the balance right is key to your career success. Perhaps you say Yes to everything …

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Is your stress due to a toxic school Banner

Is your stress due to a toxic school?

When thinking about returning to school creates a feeling of dread that’s deeper than Monday morning blues, when the thought of walking back through the …

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Banner Is your weight impacting your income

Is your weight impacting your income?

Did you know that people judge others’ competence based on their weight? And that affects whether they hire and how much they pay. Shocking, isn’t …

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Sleep your way to success Banner

Sleep your Way to Success

Deadlines. Targets. Performance data. Monitoring. So many of us go without sleep during the week, work late into the night or into the small hours …

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Chronic stress Banner

Widening Waistline? Befuddled Brain? It could be Chronic Stress.

Some of us think we have everything under control and others of us feel like we’re about to snap. We all respond to stressors differently. …

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