Mindset Coaching

Confidence and Leadership Coaching For Women Teachers

I can help you change all that. Really!

I can help you rewrite the story that is holding you back and recapture your lost passion and purpose.

Whether you’re questioning that you are even ‘good enough’ or are waiting for the ‘right time’, I specialise in helping teachers like you find your voice and strength again so you can go after the leadership position that’s eluded you all this time.


Create new habits

Using a variety of tools and techniques including NLP, we work together to peel away the habits and layers of ‘shoulds’ and ’musts‘ that are clouding your vision. We shed the ideas and beliefs that are getting in the way and holding you back.

Change your story

It may sound trite and commonplace. But it’s those little stories you tell yourself that subtly dampen your spirit and erode your drive. The trick is to let them go so you can free what’s been simmering inside all this time!

Tune into your inner guru

Learn to recognize your own ‘saboteur.’ Meet that inner critic that keeps you playing small and prevents you from getting where you really want to be. And then learn to move beyond.

Get out of your own way

NLP made a huge difference for me, and for many other women teachers like you who have sought my help. It worked because we came to understand two things: first, that what was in our way was not our fault and second, that what was in our way could be moved!

Work with me and learn techniques that helped me and others just like you. Dare to overcome the doubts and fears that hold you back from achieving the success that you want.

You CAN do it! I can help you get there.

We can work together in one of three ways

I promise that you will leave with strategies to change your story, get out of your own way and start fulfilling your potential. Small changes can have a big impact.

You will get awesome results!

Focus your thinking and tap into your potential



10 steps to retrain your inner critic

If you have developed an inner critic that sabotages you, holds you back and saps your confidence, this short course gives you five amazing ways to change that inner voice and start retraining your brain to build back your confidence.

"Through our coaching sessions, Caroline has helped me value what I do well and gave me the courage and inspiration to do things in a bigger, more visible way. I am very grateful for her intuitive observations of me and rejuvenating my positive energy. Thank you Caroline for challenging me."
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Maria Ryan
"One session with Caroline has enabled me by allowing me to see that I had options and that the balancing act of being a mum and pursuing a career in leadership was achievable and worthwhile. It has left me feeling excited and ready for the next step."
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Megan Levey
English Teacher
"I didn't realise the impact that a single coaching session could have, and wholeheartedly suggest it to anyone considering it. From working with Caroline, I have got that new job! I realised that I need to detach some emotion from my decision making process and prioritise myself."
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Head of Maths