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Meet Caroline

There was a time when I felt confident, motivated and ambitious. I prided myself on being an independent thinker with a clear understanding of pedagogy and how to motivate students – until I started my last post where the school leadership repeatedly undermined and eroded that confidence.

My Story

After graduating in the top 5% of a top BEd programme in Canada, I started my teaching journey in the UK on a mission to make a difference and to have my own school one day.

I’ve worked in primary and secondary, inner London and the home counties and in both curriculum and pastoral leadership. I’ve worked with all kinds of leaders and have created my own opportunities and capitalised on those that came my way to get ahead.

When I found myself in a toxic school, all of that just fizzled away. All the leadership courses I had taken failed me. I lost my way. I felt beaten down and desperately needed to find a way to change.

learning NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP)

First, I discovered a resilience course that offered strategies to survive adversity. But it was learning NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP) that made all the difference. It allowed me to change the way I saw myself and my world. I was able to update my thinking and lead once again.

After certifying in NLP I spent a year implementing NLP principles and techniques in the school where I worked. I trained the staff as practitioners and saw the impact of that on the motivation and behaviour of staff and students first hand.

Learning NLP changed my life. It brought me back to myself. I decided to dedicate myself to helping others in the same way.

That’s when it hit home. I knew that implementing NLP into schools would be an awesome tool for staff and student wellbeing and success.

Abstract hand with brain - learning NLP

NLP is a fundamental part of my approach to building wellbeing, confidence and resilience which are all key to personal and professional success. I work with schools to build that into their behaviour policy and practices and with teachers to enhance their classroom and leadership practices.

You can embrace my approach to wellbeing and success using NLP through consultancy, coaching or training. What makes the Certified NLP Practitioner Training I offer so special is that it is specifically geared to teachers and the school environment. It is designed to help teachers with the specific problems they encounter in their work, using tools, language and strategies that take student learning to the next level and build relationships with students that inspire and motivate them to achieve their own excellence.

NLP is the foundation of my leadership mindset mentoring programme, Shatter Your Own Glass Ceiling. It is a toolkit that consists of the techniques that I used to get me back in the driver’s seat of my life and overcome my self-imposed barriers to success. It is for women teachers who feel stuck and who doubt themselves to help them create real change and lead with conviction, compassion and from a place of courage and authenticity, instead of fear.

Its mission is to help women teachers like you develop your inner leadership skills – skills that will empower you to speak out and step up.

"What I found most valuable about working with Caroline is how calm and understanding she is. She makes you feel comfortable right away! I find I can take time to open up to people, however, within the first few minutes of talking to Caroline, I was already very comfortable."
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"Caroline was very supportive and encouraging. It was good to talk to someone who understood the school system, and was aware of the challenges that females face in the workplace."
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Head of Department
"Before I went into my coaching session, I went with the mindset that I’d say the right things but I’d still hold the same beliefs. But that hour changed everything and I’m recommending it to everyone."
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