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Putting wellbeing at the heart of the school

Our language influences and reflects our thinking, beliefs and outcomes. When we think optimistically, we are more productive, more successful and happier. By choosing our language with care we can build resilience, create powerful relationships and achieve personal excellence. Learn to use NLP tools and techniques to create a success mindset.


Meet Caroline

I was a senior leader in charge of behaviour and all things pastoral at a challenging comprehensive secondary school, working long hours and jumping through hoops to create someone else’s idea of an outstanding school. At the time, I didn’t realise I had burned out but I did know I was disillusioned. I was stuck in my job and feeling aimless. I had fallen into negative mind traps of blaming others, feeling hopeless and thinking that I’m not good enough.

I had lost my passion and lost my way, then I discovered the power of neurolinguistic programming to change mindset.

"I was unable to plan my days as effectively as I would have liked to. Since working with Caroline, I have been able to make improvements in my day to day life. When I adopted ‘thinking like a leader’, I was promoted."
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Assistant headteacher
"What I most enjoyed and found most valuable about working with Caroline was her advice. I felt I could trust her and be honest with her. I found myself looking into my future and thinking about what I wanted to achieve in my career and how I could realistically get there."
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"Since working with Caroline, I have been able to take control of all situations I have been faced with so far, my confidence has grown and I now feel like I have the right to be where I am and I shouldn't be second guessing myself."
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Ms Sharnie La Riviere
Business Manager