Best 70 quotes by women to inspire, motivate and empower

Best 70 quotes by women to inspire, motivate and empower

Do you love a quote to inspire you, to focus you back on your dream and to motivate you to dig deeper and dare to be just that bit bolder and braver? Some people find memes and quotes a bit trite, others love the dopamine hit they give you. Some like a quote with a […]

Ditch the Language of Doubt and Feel More Confident

Ditch the Language of Doubt and Feel More Confident

Our words can sabotage our success and undermine our confidence. Without thinking, we can say things that give the wrong impression or repeatedly teach ourselves that we can’t. Conversely, we can achieve success by decreasing our language patterns that unintentionally limit our potential and increasing our language patterns that require us to think more optimistically. […]

Mindset Tips for Supply Teachers


Working as a supply teacher is a great joy as you get to meet so many young people and experience so many different school cultures. 4MySchools are a welcoming and supportive teacher recruitment agency with a clear mission to make a difference and to give back, so they attract the best supply teachers and schools […]

Relationships, relationships, relationships.

Relationships, relationships, relationships Banner

Many of us will relate to the experience of underachieving because we didn’t like the teacher. And we probably know students whose grades dipped when they didn’t like their new teacher.  Instinctively, most teachers know that even with the best lesson plan in the world, if the students don’t like the teacher or the teacher […]

Change your language and change their thinking

Banner Change your language to change their thinking

Our language both reflects our thinking and affects our thinking. By changing our language we can change our own thinking as well as the thinking of those we lead and we can influence how people around us perceive us. The language we use becomes associated with us and more importantly for a leader reflect qualities […]