Working as a supply teacher is a great joy as you get to meet so many young people and experience so many different school cultures. 4MySchools are a welcoming and supportive teacher recruitment agency with a clear mission to make a difference and to give back, so they attract the best supply teachers and schools that are a joy to work in.

Working as a supply teacher can also be a challenge as you have such a short period of time to build rapport with the students who will already have an opinion about ’supply’. You can’t control the environment you arrive at, you can only control how you respond to what you encounter.

In this guest blog for 4myschools I share my top mindset tips to support you to have the best day possible.

If you would like further support to develop mindset skills that support you to be resilient and be the best version of you, message me and let’s explore how I can help.

Focus your thinking and tap into your potential



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