Five signs you’re working in a toxic school

Five signs you’re working in a toxic school

Sometimes we find ourself in the wrong school for us. Perhaps our values don’t align or we don’t share the same philosophy of teaching and learning and leadership. And we just don’t enjoy it so we move on. Occasionally, we find ourselves truly lost because the environment we’re working in is so critical, so unreasonable […]

Dare to put your head above the parapet

build your confidence

Six ways to build your confidence to self-promote Although it feels uncomfortable at first, learning to self-promote in a way that feels authentic will help you get that leadership job you want. Getting that dream job is not a one-time event, it’s a goal, a process, a mindset. I don’t really want to say you […]

Make your dream come true

Make your dream come true blog

Have you made a resolution, written a list of things you want to achieve or written an objective for the year in your planner? Are you already struggling to stay on track or have you even forgotten what you wrote? Rather than give up, I invite you to turn it around and set a powerful […]

13 Ways to Boost Your Career Success this Year

13 ways to boost your career success this year Banner

Do you dream of a leadership role but you haven’t been spotted yet? Research has shown that women typically work really hard at their jobs expecting their hard work to be noticed and the promotions to follow. Sadly, that is not how it works. Your headteacher is not responsible for your career, you are. Don’t […]

Should I ‘Yes’ or Should I ‘No’ Now? Tips to Avoid the Yes Trap.

Should I 'Yes' or Should I 'No' Now? Tips to Avoid the Yes Trap Banner

Do you say Yes too much or too little? Getting the balance right is key to your career success. Perhaps you say Yes to everything that people ask you out of habit, because you’re a ‘giver’ and because you feel uncomfortable saying No. And you end up permanently exhausted meeting everyone else’s needs. Or perhaps […]