Time and energy management

Time and energy management

10 ways to manage your energy and boost your productivity and wellbeing

Better productivity isn’t just about time management, it’s about optimising your energy and overall well-being. By making conscious choices about how you allocate your time and energy, you can reduce stress, boost productivity, and create a more balanced and fulfilling life.

Finally schools are introducing strategies to reduce unnecessary workload which makes absolute sense if they want more effective teachers. There are many strategies, tools and programmes out there to help you manage your time, but if you don’t manage your energy, you will have less capacity to apply them any way. On a personal level, it is also about addressing perfectionism as it can cause procrastination and spending too long on tasks, both of which affect productivity and is exacerbated by overwhelm or fatigue.

When you optimise your energy levels, you boost your productivity. You become more efficient and capable of accomplishing tasks with greater focus and enthusiasm.

What are the benefits of managing your energy?

Sustained Focus

When you’re well-rested and have ample physical and mental energy, you can stay on task for longer periods without succumbing to distractions.

Enhanced Creativity

When you’re feeling refreshed and alert, you’re more likely to think outside the box, solve complex problems, and generate innovative ideas—all of which can boost your productivity.

Improved Decision-Making

When you’re refreshed, you’re in a better state to make well-informed and rational decisions, ultimately increasing the quality of your work.

Efficient Use of Time

When you’re energised, you can complete tasks more efficiently, allowing you to finish more activities within the same timeframe.

Consistency in Performance

When you feel balanced, you can perform consistently throughout the day, rather than experiencing productivity peaks and slumps, and then needing to schedule time to catch-up.

Reduced Procrastination

When you have sufficient energy, you’re less likely to put off tasks and more inclined to tackle them head-on as your brain doesn’t need to seek relief from exhaustion.

Higher Motivation

When you feel at your optimal energy levels, you’re more likely to approach tasks with a positive mindset and enthusiasm, which can increase your overall productivity.

Increased Resilience

When your energy levels are higher, you’re better equipped to handle unexpected obstacles and adapt to changes, ensuring that disruptions don’t derail your productivity.

While it’s true that there are only 24 hours in a day every day, there are ways to make more of that time. Here are my top strategies to manage your energy, feel like you have more time and boost your productivity:

  1. Embed self-care in your daily routine, including movement, a balanced diet, and sufficient sleep.
  2. Schedule breaks throughout your work day and work week to recharge and prevent burnout. Do not wait until half term.
  3. Plan “me time” for relaxation and recreation. Be specific about what helps you rejuvenate rather than aimlessly doing nothing.
  4. Identify your energy patterns, and tackle critical tasks in your most focussed times of day and creative tasks when you feel relaxed.
  5. Use tools to manage stress and balance your emotional energy. For example, NLP anchors and peripheral vision technique, setting intentions, self-compassion, breathing techniques and
  6. Set realistic goals and keep your to-do list manageable each day to avoid overextending yourself, which can lead to energy depletion.
  7. Develop a mantra that challenges any unhelpful belief you have around time to a more helpful perspective, eg ‘There is always time’, ‘Everything is playing out as I need it to’, ‘I’ve got this’.
  8. Learn to Say No. Politely decline additional commitments when your plate is already full. Delegate tasks at school and at home or seek support in positive and assertive ways.
  9. Be clear on your values and priorities. Decline or avoid activities or responsibilities that don’t align with your goals both a home and school.
  10. Put yourself first. Setting boundaries protects your time for what matters most to you. This is not selfish, it allows you to look after yourself and be most productive.

In essence, energy management is the foundation upon which productivity is built. When you manage your energy, you will find more joy and more balance in both your personal and professional life as well as being more efficient and feeling more creative.

Remember that making time for what matters often involves trade-offs. You may need to sacrifice less important activities to prioritise what’s truly essential to you. Additionally, be patient with yourself and recognise that change is an ongoing process. You may need to  adjust, fine-tune and re-assess as you make shifts in your daily habits.

If you would like support creating a plan to manage any aspect of this advice, I would love to guide you during an EmPower Hour. Message me here if you would like help creating more balance in your day, week or term at school.

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