Why compassion is key to success in leadership

Develop your self compassion and build your confidence If you want to build your confidence to be that authentic, ethical and compassionate leader in education, then a perfect place to start is developing self-compassion. Authentic and ethical leaders are very self-aware. They are very clear on their values. They know that their impact is directly […]

How to quieten your inner critic

How to quieten your inner critic

8 steps to nurture your inner guru Unkind thinking does not motivate, in fact quite the opposite. When you change your inner critic to a more empowering voice, you will feel your mood lift and your self-belief grow Everything you say to yourself is an affirmation. What are you affirming when your inner voice gets […]

Avoid Teacher Burnout

Break these 10 habits to stop your stress

Break these 10 habits to stop your stress Reducing overwhelm prevents stress and will keep your teaching leadership dreams alive. These 10 thinking patterns could be sabotaging your success and causing you to burn out. Adopting these strategies will help you manage your mindset and overcome overwhelm. As a teacher leader do you work long […]

The Three Rs for Stressed Teachers to Rejuvenate

The Three Rs for Stressed Teachers to Rejuvenate Banner

Perhaps you were one of many teachers who spent your first week of the holidays recovering from the stress of the year – sleeping late, flopping about all day, staring at your to-do list you’ve saved up all year, re-starting your book or movie as you hadn’t taken anything in, even not wanting to go […]

Is your stress due to a toxic school?

Is your stress due to a toxic school Banner

When thinking about returning to school creates a feeling of dread that’s deeper than Monday morning blues, when the thought of walking back through the gates converts into feeling ill or depressed, or if all confidence in your ability to do the job has been sapped out of you, it could be a case of […]

Is your weight impacting your income?

Banner Is your weight impacting your income

Did you know that people judge others’ competence based on their weight? And that affects whether they hire and how much they pay. Shocking, isn’t it? And this bias is mostly felt by women who are already battling that biased glass ceiling. First impressions really do count We are bombarded with images of what successful […]

Sleep your Way to Success

Sleep your way to success Banner

Deadlines. Targets. Performance data. Monitoring. So many of us go without sleep during the week, work late into the night or into the small hours or even work until it’s time to get up, and therefore going without any sleep at all, just to make sure everything’s done for the next day, so we’re not […]

Widening Waistline? Befuddled Brain? It could be Chronic Stress.

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Some of us think we have everything under control and others of us feel like we’re about to snap. We all respond to stressors differently. We may know we stress eat or perhaps we think we don’t eat ‘that much’ and even exercise yet we keep putting on weight. The problem for both may still […]