Change your language and change their thinking

Banner Change your language to change their thinking

Our language both reflects our thinking and affects our thinking. By changing our language we can change our own thinking as well as the thinking of those we lead and we can influence how people around us perceive us. The language we use becomes associated with us and more importantly for a leader reflect qualities […]

Should I ‘Yes’ or Should I ‘No’ Now? Tips to Avoid the Yes Trap.

Should I 'Yes' or Should I 'No' Now? Tips to Avoid the Yes Trap Banner

Do you say Yes too much or too little? Getting the balance right is key to your career success. Perhaps you say Yes to everything that people ask you out of habit, because you’re a ‘giver’ and because you feel uncomfortable saying No. And you end up permanently exhausted meeting everyone else’s needs. Or perhaps […]

Is your stress due to a toxic school?

Is your stress due to a toxic school Banner

When thinking about returning to school creates a feeling of dread that’s deeper than Monday morning blues, when the thought of walking back through the gates converts into feeling ill or depressed, or if all confidence in your ability to do the job has been sapped out of you, it could be a case of […]

Is your weight impacting your income?

Banner Is your weight impacting your income

Did you know that people judge others’ competence based on their weight? And that affects whether they hire and how much they pay. Shocking, isn’t it? And this bias is mostly felt by women who are already battling that biased glass ceiling. First impressions really do count We are bombarded with images of what successful […]